Leon de chocolat

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(r)M ~ Hair No.11 (F) ~ Golden Brown
Skin: -Sorry.Asia- Rurutia (AUGUST) .. La Venta Eventa!!
Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Cry.For.Me eyes (sand)
Make up Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Devil.May.Cry (black)
[JEM] Spring ears ..  last Hunt
Tatoo: .:: Delusions ::. Pretty Little Liar .. Group Gift
Willow~ Dream Catcher Necklace- Gold  ..  Group Gift
Dress: Custom iNKZ Sultry - Sheer Nude
Nails: (r) M ~ No.06(7) ~ ~ M A N I C U R E  nails are included with the purchase of the skin of RED MINT
Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. Bulletproof  FRESH
(pera) - Striped Tails - Coco.
*Epic* Basic Digi Legs {Brown}

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