Kawaii Hunt 21 November - 21 December

Friday, November 18, 2011

Listas y preparadas para la Kawaii Hunt?? 
Da inicio el 21 de Noviembre y finaliza el 21 de Diciembre, son 69 tiendas participantes del gran evento.  Recuerda cuando encuentres la fresa tócala y obtendrás objetos muy lindos y tiernos con tonos pasteles muy bellos, que te harán lucir hermosa.. Usa tu imaginación combinando y diviértete en la búsqueda. 

Aquí en Cherry's Secret encontraras publicaciones con algunos de los objetos
 dentro de la duración de la cacería.

Lista De Las Tiendas Participantes Y Pistas...

1# Retro'
     hint: But the strawberries grow on trees? O.O
     hint: The best for cold feet
3# RazzBerry Inc.
     hint: Lucky Cupcake anyone??
4# - DAMNED -
     hint: I still want to show you the lucky room.
5# ::WetCat::Builds&Poses
     hint: I'm hiding from the winter
     hint: I need bags <3
7# Wallflower
     hint: Strawberries Like Other Strawberries
8# ***Xaasch***
     hint: In a lamp 
9# .: Fear Yourself :.
     hint: My road is... Parkway Dr 

10# Alexohol Fashions
       hint: "be a princess"
11# [Acide!]
       hint: Hey guys ortect me from the sun <3 
12# Bitter Bunnie Designs
       hint: Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all? 
13# (.:FBC:.) Fabienne Bolissima Couture
       hint: Freely given 
14# Dahllywood
       hint: I like the view from up here
15# [:CoLoReTa's:]
       hint: Just enjoy the view.
16# (.Salt (and) Pepper.)
       hint: Look at the Megan shape 
17# Draconic KissSKIP THE STORE
       hint: I feel lucky 
18# Pretty Kitties
       hint: My Life Rests in her hand.
19# {*I <3FashiOn*}
       hint: It's nice to look what the stores sell!
20# Cute Bytes
       hint: Took the ride and stop at ''Body Parts''' Room. Look around you at the stop ^^
21# Urban Republic Co.
       hint: Is she On Line?
22#  .:Troubled Rebel:.
       hint: See the hint in the shop
24# kisetsu
       hint: Making friends with the other fruits!
25# D.Damour
       hint: I am next to the hand 
26# CarolinamiaH.otStyle 
       hint: Do not you feel a little observed?
27# MICO
       hint: Welcome! 
28# *Tea Time*
       hint: What smells good!! 
29#  -=Evil Bunneh=-
       hint:Anybody for a Kawaiicicle? 
30#  Off the Wall
        hint: Strawberries and cupcakes make a yummy pair 
31# Lyrieals
       hint: This princess is more used to Apples
32# Elite Skins & Shapes *::[NV]::*
       hint: Sweet Little Panda knows where it is
33# Natural Beauty
34# Les sucreries de Fairy
       hint: I love Alice in wonderland
35# {K}Rea
       hint: "Cip Cip" say bird
36# .::La Flat::.
       hint: Magic Pillow, Take me home!
37# AstonisHD
       hint: I feel i am becoming a bit unraveled !
38# ::::IrEn::::
       hint: Do strawberries live in a tree?
39# Pink Ribbon  21
       hint: Pink Ribbon Bear LOVE  to eat strawberry~!!
       hint: Don't look too high, or too low ...i am hiding with my garden buddies. 
41# Pekka
       hint: Lets rest a little
       hint: Click the doorman in the entrace for hints 
43# Atypical
44# *[frenzy]*
       hint: Under the stairs 
       hint: Love me
47# Shantal.
       hint: Under The Blade 
       hint: I'm a pirate, but i'm a lady
49# Home of FlufferNutterz
50# Sweet Kuki
       hint: Sara also thinks about it
51# bonne chance!
       hint: Love birds:) 
52# Jolbey & Jasper
53# Honey*Soul
       hint: Love Apple
54# ::C'est la vie!::
       hint: Please see above
55#  SWEET harmony
       hint: Look for something that shows you the way
56# :PYNKZ:
        hint: have a great look around don't forget to hit the vote box I'v left a snack there for you! 
57# ::Maria Design::
       hint: Helps the woman in the height
58# .::Mind Games::.
       hint: What's that over the store sign? OMG! it's the giant strawberry!
59# *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
       hint: My pets L O V E Strawberries!
60# Demonkitties
       hint: Slap it Hard Once a Day
61# ~*{ Lethe }*~
       hint: The key to my cage is in the bird's clutches.
       hint: I've been framed... but, atleast there are cupcakes here. 
62#  1/2 Baked
        hint: Knit me scarf
63# Nana Store
       hint: Where bushes grow 
64# ...Flowers...
        hint: U will change your Clothes? 
       hint: Fly Away 
66# Sour Pickles
       hint: Being old is in the past, it's all about being NEW
67# Esk-imo
68# Sexy Sisters
       hint: Seems like one of the sisters likes music!
69# ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~
       hint: I like the view from up here

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